SHCT summer guided tour

The Staffordshire Historic Churches Trust has just announced its 2015 summer guided ‘tour’ – a day visiting a number of churches across a given area.

It is usually a lot of fun as well as informative. The idea is that the guide (usually a member of the SHCT) chooses three to five churches, hands out a map to all who sign up for it, and we all drive from church to church to get a talk at each one.  (So your map-reading, or our SatNav, needs to be on form!).

This time the tour is doing the three great churches of the Leek area – the Arts & Crafts church of Leek All Saints, Leek St Luke ( where tea is also served), the William Morris-inspired Cheddleton St Edward, and (as an optional extra) a chance to visit the ancient church of Leek St Edward  for evensong.

Edward Confessor glass at Leek

The magnificent ‘rose window’ at Edward The Confessor church at Leek

There are often about fifty people on the tour, and the most popular ones draw more numbers than that.

Closing date to to book for it is July 1st.  The tour is only open to SHCT members, but you still have time to apply for membership.


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