Rating our churches

With some two hundred and more historic churches in the county, how does know which ones to visit first?
It’s an interesting question, because one person’s “fantastic church” may be as dull as ditch-water to another.
So… until the majority of the church pages are filled in with ratings by visitors to this site – and that could take some time – we decided just to give asterisks to churches that get mentions in any general guide to the county’s churches. (You’ll see the asterisks by the church’s name in our A-Z List )

Churches with very high ratings from visitors to this site are marked with a plus-sign.


The guides that we have used for the asterisks (so far… but please feel free to mention ones that you too have come across by emailing us or using the Comments box further down this page) are:

Robert Harbison:  England’s Parish Churches
Staffordshire Parish Churches by John Leonard
Country Churches of England Scotland and Wales by Geoffrey Young
Old Parish Churches of Staffordshire by Mike Salter
A Guide to Some Staffordshire Churches by D.J.Simkin
England’s Thousand Best Churches by Simon Jenkins
TripAdvisor (five Staffordshire churches get a TripAdvisor page)

The more asterisks/plus-signs a church gets, the better it is for a visit.  Well, that’s the theory anyway!


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