Pattingham’s windows – new guide

A lot of terrific work in preserving the heritage of local churches is, as we know, actually done, not by scholars or conservationists, but by ordinary members of a church’s congregation.

We were at Pattingham Church the other day where there is a new sixty-page booklet (A5 size) on sale; it acts as a guide to the many and various windows in the church, and is written in simple, direct language to help visitors enjoy the sights.
It is an absorbing way to spend time visiting this church going from window to window, consulting the guide as one goes.

Pattingham Windows Booklet poster
The booklet is a terrific piece of work, self-published by a member of the congregation, Mike Coope, who worked with Dr Kenneth Scott on the text and photos.

Obviously, its main aim is to raise funds (it costs £6, from the church), but it ensures too that valuable, sometimes oral, accounts of the windows are remembered.
As the windows in the church come from many different eras, and each has a story to tell, it makes for a fascinating few hours for the visitor.

Mike Coope, who runs a Design&Print concern, is happy to talk about how the booklet was compiled; and to help anyone who wishes to do something similar for their own church – you can email him.


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