A history of churches on DVD

I got the DVD of ‘Churches: How To Read Them’ for Christmas. It brings together all six episodes of the 2010 BBC series presented by author Richard Taylor. Each episode moves into a new era of time, in chronological order.

I thought it was terrific.  One is always afraid such series will descend to platitudes or even just turn into a travelogue – but I thought his presentation was insightful and educational.

Taylor also tries to deal with the thorny problem of how to see churches – as museums of our collective history, or continuous sacred places?


The only aspect of the series that was disappointing was that he seemed only to have enough of a budget to concentrate on certain areas in the United Kingdom.  Naturally, Norfolk and Cornwall seemed to get a lot of coverage – but Staffordshire was hardly mentioned.
In fact, only one county church can I remember being featured: Hoar Cross Holy Angels – admittedly a wonderful church – was given the briefest of nods as he was talking about churches affected by the nineteenth century Oxford Movement.

But… that’s life, I suppose.

If you’re interested in watching the DVD, there’s  a trailer on YouTube ; and you can still bu the DVD through BBC Shops.


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