Take advantage of Christmas

Gaining entry to an historic church, especially if it’s a remote and rural one, can be difficult.  Isolated churches are often locked, naturally; and calling out the key-holder can be a frustrating experience both for the key-holder and the visitor.

So, it’s worth keeping an ee out for events taking place in country churches. I’m thinking of flower festivals, coffee-mornings and … Christmas Tree festivals, all of which mean straightforward entry to the church.
One has to keep an eye out in local papers for news of such forthcoming events.

For example: the current Christmas Tree Festival (6th-14th December 2014) at Draycott-in-the-Moors Church offers a chance also to see the medieval tombs which are the church’s glory.  They are now even easier to examine since spot-lighting was installed earlier this year.
See: Draycott Christmas Tree Festival

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