New light on Pugin’s Gem

A renewed lighting system has recently been installed in the grade-1 listed St Giles RC Church in Cheadle, known as ‘Pugin’s Gem’.
The stunning interior, a great example of early Victorian Gothic, is now even easier for tourists to see.
Tourists have been coming in even greater numbers since the town’s Pugin Bicentenary celebrations in 2012.

The renewed lighting was required because varnish used 60 years ago to improve the appearance of the ceiling decoration has now discoloured slightly.  To remove the varnish would too costly; the new lighting is another option.

The money to install the lighting was provided by parishioners’ fund-raising efforts, and a grant from the Staffordshire Environmental Fund.
However, the work has created extra debts, so the parishioners are redoubling their efforts with a series of money-raising events over the next few months.

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