Hookgate, Providence Chapel

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Brief description of church:       ?

Main points of interest about the church:       The clock over the main door has a date of 1881 on it
Address: (postcode)/ Access & contacts: / Opening times:       ?
Official website:       ?
Relevant statutory websites:         ?         [e.g. English Heritage website etc (ones which knowledgeable church-crawlers will find the most useful) / OR ‘home’ websites, e.g. ‘Church Near You’ websites]
Other links:       ?        [e.g. Wikipedia entry if there is one]
Enthusiasts’ webpages relating to this church:         ?

Image galleries of this church:            ?     [e.g. enthusiasts’ Flickr sites or photo-blogs etc]
Others:              ?     [historian’s personal review / Pevsner link / etc    e.g.  a ‘Staffs Past Track’ entry if there is one]
Guide books & leaflets:       ?         [are they available in the church?]

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For example: are there other features of this church which you think would pique the interest of general visitors?

If this church is known to you, or of special interest to you, please bookmark this page – and send us news of insights into its history, its conservation, its events as you get it.  We’d be grateful!
Please also tell us if you spot anything on this page which you think may be incorrect or needs updating.

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