Welcome to this website

This website is primarily for four groups of people (but, if you’re just visiting, that’s fine too!)
~ People who want to know more about a church in the locality, and what to look out for when they visit it
~ People who care about the heritage of Staffordshire’s historic churches. We ask you especially to contribute information to individual church’s pages. It’s too big a job for this website’s authors to do alone…
~ People who want to promote the conservation of Staffordshire’s churches.
~ Local historians/enthusiasts who wish to add details about individual churches to these pages

Latest news on Facebook

This website is really a reference tool.
But, for those who like discussion or hearing news about the county’s historic churches, please access (and please join too!) the Staffs Historic Churches Facebook group.  Subjects of recent posts have been Keele Church’s Templar Window; 750 years of Draycott Church; church glass at Bishton Hall; the History of Stoke Minster… and more!

A group effort
This site is nowhere near being complete (it needs your help to achieve that!).  In fact ninety per cent of the pages are still awaiting information.  Please help if you can.  If you have a few moments to do a profile, especially of your own favourite churches, it would be a great help.
(See Get Involved)

What we want to do is compile a page for each of Staffordshire’s 300+ churches; if you can help, we’d be grateful.
See the A – Z list of Staffordshire’s historic churches

Even if you do not have information to add, you can still throw in a personal opinion.   On each page, there is a ‘Comments’ section at the bottom.  Anyone can write a comment; you do not have to sign in, or be a ‘member’.  If you have thoughts, or advice that you think will be useful, please do use this facility.

Keep in touch the easy way
The easiest way to keep an eye on what is being done and updated on this site is: click on the button marked ‘Get Updates from this site via Email‘ (it’s up on the right, on this page);  then put your email address in the empty box which pops up; then click ‘Follow‘. You’ll then get emails about once every five days, telling you of latest updates.
(You can ‘unsubscribe’ any time you like; and your email address is kept totally private and is not passed on to anyone else.)

To see the latest updates, click here.
To see the latest comments that have been sent in to the website by readers, click here

This work of this website is endorsed by the Staffordshire Historic Churches Trust


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